System Audit

If your organisation has a wired or wireless network infrastructure, Wi-Fi system or electronic security system that needs to be upgraded, Midland Computers audit will equip you with a detailed plan on how to upgrade your systems to the latest technologies and practices. A Midland Computers audit allows you to align your requirements with budgets as they become available.

Medium to large organisations who have wireless or wired network equipment, security equipment or building technology that the condition has not been reviewed and checked on a regular basis can become a big issue over time becoming unreliable and of no use.

A Midland Computers audit offers a complete detailed review of your building technologies, network infrastructure and security systems and will provide you with a complete asset register and condition report of all technology equipment on-site. This report allows you to make strategic decisions based on current and correct information on what exactly is in place and working today.

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Midland Computers audits allow our clients to save on cost, take advantage of the latest technology, plan for the future and eliminate costly unexpected failures.

  • Fibre optics and copper network infrastructure audit
  • Wireless telecoms and LAN audit
  • IT and services audit
  • WiFi systems audit
  • Telephone systems audit
  • Electronic security systems audit

Why Audit IT?

Majority of businesses build up their IT systems over time.  As new technology is employed older computer equipment is moved to less critical functions and in certain cases is no longer used but still connected to the network.  Users come and go and the knowledge of what each piece of equipment was used for or what applications or data was held in it is lost.  Before you can provide  a detail plan to move your business forward from an IT perspective you must first know what you have and where it is located and what is held in it. This is where Midland Computers can help, we AUDIT IT.

Midland Computers carry out Infrastructure Audits and provide our clients with a report that will detail out what their IT consists of and make recommendations if any on how it can be made more efficient and more secure.

The audit report is based around the following headings:

  • Executive Summary
  • Recommendations
  • Network Diagram
  • Email Flow
  • Desktop/Server AV
  • OS and Software Patching