Installations & Configurations

Every company reaches the point where their IT equipment needs replacing and upgrading; if not done properly, this can cause long term problems. We are fully qualified to replace a single PC or an entire suite if needed. We can migrate your data and configure your equipment with minimal downtime for your company, and can even offer out of hours services for zero downtime where needed.

Why you should choose Midland Computers for your installation & configuration needs?

When the time comes to replace your IT equipment, Midland Computers can carry out your installation and configuration / data migration efficiently and professionally. Our Engineers can deliver, set up, migrate data and configure your PCs with little to no downtime to your company. All devices are configured to work securely on the customer’s domain and can be supported either by remote connection or in the event of a physical fault, our Engineer’s will attend onsite.

Typically we would install and configure:

  • - File & Print Servers
  • - Application Servers
  • - Security Devices e.g. firewalls
  • - Desktop PC’s - thin clients
  • - Laptops - Netbooks
  • - Printers
  • - Copiers and multi-function devices such as photo copiers and scanners
  • - Wifi Systems
  • - Tablet/Portable Devices

For more info on upgrading your IT equipment,
get in touch.