Midland Computers Support Services

We provide comprehensive IT support services to our clients. These support contracts range from basic telephone support through fully managed on site support contracts.

Help Desk


We provide a phone help desk service in all our support contracts. You will have the peace of mind knowing there is a team of highly qualified engineers on the other end of the phone to solve your problems or answer your queries.  Our standard help desk service is available from 09.00 to 17.30 weekdays with an option for an emergency line 24/7 365 days a year.

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On Site Support


If we are unable to resolve the issue remotely, the next step is for one of our team to go on site to solve the issue. Continuity is a core element in our support. Once you enter into a support contract with us, we will assign a lead engineer and a support engineer to your company.  These engineers, with the full resources of Midland Computers behind them, will ensure you receive a consistently excellent level of service. Our engineers are always more than happy to provide free advice and consultation on any IT matters you may have.

24 / 7 Monitoring


Our IT Management is second to none, we monitor your IT so we can identify potential problems or threats  before they impact your systems and ultimately cost your business money. We also provide Back-up management so your data is safe, secure and ready at a moments notice in the event of a disaster.

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Web Hosting


Midland Computers are proud partners with Hosting Ireland, with over 15 years of experience in the Hosting Services sector, Hosting Ireland specialise in all aspects of hosting, delivering everything from cloud web hosting to cloud servers and dedicated servers. In addition, we provide a website builder package and cloud online back-up for your PC or server, email hosting, email back-up, spam filtering, anti-virus protection, SSL Certs, e-commerce solutions and much more. 



Midland Computers has had many requests from our customer base for telephone systems, with this in mind and the ever-changing area that is Telecoms we partnered with Magnet to help us provide a reliable system, this can range from a small office setup to Enterprise systems.


Secure Online Backups

Backup solutions for businesses have changed significantly  with the development of Cloud Computing Services. Online (off-site) backups have become more popular because they offer major advantages:

  • Removal of the human interaction & possible mistakes that come with tapes/hard drives
  • Data is stored away from your building so that should a disaster occur, your data is safe
  • Restoration of Data is fast and means less down-time in the event of data loss
  • Retention periods are much greater than usually gained from tape/hard drive backups
  • Data is stored in a high security Data Centre

Midland Computers along with our Online Backup Partners Datastring offer a cost effective online backup solution for our customers.

We have solutions for all of your IT requirements. Contact us for more details