24x7 IT support services

We provide 24×7 IT support services to our clients. These support contracts range from basic telephone support through fully managed on site support contracts.

Phone Help Desk

We provide a phone help desk service in all our support contracts. You will have the peace of mind knowing there is a team of highly qualified engineers on the other end of the phone to solve your problems or answer your queries. Our standard help desk service is available from 09.00 to 17.30 weekdays with an option for an emergency line 24x7x365.

On Site Support

If we are unable to resolve the issue remotely, the next step is for one of our team to go on site to solve the issue. Continuity is a core element in our support. Once you enter into a support contract with us, we will assign a lead engineer and a support engineer to your company. These engineers will ensure you receive a consistently excellent level of service. Our engineers are always more than happy to provide free advice and consultation on any IT matters you may have.

24x7 Monitoring

Our IT Management is second to none, we monitor your IT so we can identify potential problems or threats before they impact your systems and ultimately cost your business money. We also provide Back-up management so your data is safe, secure and ready at a moments notice in the event of a disaster.
If you don’t think this is necessary ask yourself one question, how long can you afford to be out of operation. Most of our customers simply say they can't afford to be down at all and that’s why they have chosen us as we keep them working with our behind the scenes measures.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Customer peace of mind – monitor network on 24x7x365 basis proactively
  • Single point of contact for all network issues
  • Single supplier instead of multiple vendors
  • Defined Service Levels (for service delivery)
  • Known costs for management's fixed price contracts
  • Avoid costs of building own management & reporting systems
  • Faster implementation of IT resources
  • Higher levels of security and reliability within the IT environment
  • Lowered operating costs and improved ROI
  • More efficient management of in-house resources and personnel
  • Better systems performance

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